3D Printing on Coffee – Brewing-up a rich, new branding opportunity

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Israeli design studio and tech startup; SteamCC has created a 3D print application for creating the next level of coffee art, and in so-doing have created the opportunity for high level brand engagement customer experiences. The Ripple Maker combines 3D printing mechanics with ink-jet technology for a DIY coffee art experience. The technology allows for printing content onto individual cups using a natural coffee extract, called Ripple Pods.

The Ripple Maker connects via Wi-Fi to a library of designs, from text to symbols to faces. Once the barista has selected a design or message, Ripple Pods deliver an image made from liquid foam in under ten seconds. The technology includes an app which enables customized images or texts to be uploaded.

Already airline Lufthansa has seen the branding potential of the concept, using the technology to give first-class passenger and business lounge members their coffees with the airline’s logo printed on the top mid-flight. And whilst that application of espresso art might seem an uninspiring missed opportunity, it does demonstrate the commerciality of the idea.

There’s no doubt the opportunity to connect with customers through their coffee is a huge one, for cafe’s, coffee roasters and corporate entertainers the sky’s the limit for this application of new technology.

brand agency Melbourne

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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