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The Strongest Brands Connect With Authenticity
Retail and online have combined to create an authenticity gap between consumer and product source. For most consumers, milk (like so many other things we consume) has become a product sourced from the shelves of supermarkets and differentiated by store brand, range and price. The connection we have with the farmyard, the cows, the cream and even the milk man has become disconnected by the advent of convenience. With that disconnect comes both a homogenization of the product and an opportunity for brands with the passion and desire to reconnect milk with the farmyard.

The French Dairy Organization; CNIEL recently invited ten designers to contemplate, ‘what’s next for milk?’ 5.5 design studio’s vache à lait is a brilliant piece of brand thinking that reconnects dairy consumers to the farmyard of the producers and the authentic source of milk itself. Not only does this brand activation provide the opportunity for brand story telling, it sets-up an all important invitation to engage with the brand at a physical and emotional level.

This story set us to wondering; how many other products have become similarly disconnected from their source, providing similar opportunities for smart and passionate brands to re-connect consumers and build brand engagement of the highest order?

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Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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Images courtesy of 5.5 design studio

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