NCVO is shaking up the voluntary category and showing the power of brand strategy with a fresh and playful rebrand.


NCVO: Amplifying the voice of the voluntary sector

NCVO (formerly the National Council for Voluntary Organisations) has launched their new brand that reflects the organisations and identities that NCVO has taken on in the ten year’s since it last rebranded. With over 10,000 members, from the largest charities to the smallest community organisations, the key objective was to aligh with the benchmark “big charity” branding by being a brand that connects, represents and supports causes that are essential for a better society and establish itself as a icon for the voluntary sector. In more basic terms they are a charity for charities.

NCVO_Applications 3

London-based studio MultiAdaptor created the brand & strategy and uncovered a key insight through their research; NCVO tended to be perceived as passive rather than active within the sector.” So they created the ‘amplified V’ that became the tool to transform them into a proactive voice which interacts with active messaging and becomes a bold and vibrant, yet trustworthy mark.

NCVO_Applications 1


The mark applied with the tag line and alternate messaging is a great example of a flexible brand that allows the messaging and tone to be a key element and relevant for each piece of communication. This also really engrains their essence ‘amplifying the voice of the voluntary sector’  through graphic yet simple, thought provoking design.


Megan Griffith Gray, head of digital and communications at NCVO speaks about the power of brand strategy and delivering on their values  “The new brand gives us a toolkit that will help us tell the stories of our members and reflect the vibrancy and diversity of the voluntary sector”. Also addingAt the end of the day, brand is about how you communicate your strategy and your values. When it’s right, it can really help organisations to make a bigger difference. What matters to us is delivering on our strategy, and how our new brand can help us do this – that’s how we will measure our success.”

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The power of brand strategy is clear and it is always interesting to see a brand disrupting the category in a clever and intriguing way.

Merren Spink
Design Creative

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