Innovative food retail brand Pantry adds genuine value to the lives of their customers

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Baking the Value into Value Proposition
Pantry is a fascinating new retail concept from the US created to tap directly into the ever busier lives of consumers. Located in Boston, Pantry is a new kind of grocery store that allows shoppers to buy pre-portioned recipe kits to make quick and simple meals at home beyond the quality in inspiration of the average, harried professional. With recipes such as; Moroccan chicken with cauliflower “couscous” and Vietnamese shaken beef with red watercress salad and pickled onions, not only do the kits provide everything you need to make a delicious dinner, but also exactly the right portions of ingredients, simplifying cooking and eliminating wastage.

The most engaging brands are those built around a core vision for truly adding value to the lives of their customers. Pantry is an example of this mindset, identifying the growing trend of online, subscription-based, healthy meals services – whose popularity is a direct reflection of the convenience and enhanced home cooking benefits they provide – and translating them into the bricks and mortar world.

Pantry founder Dennis Lasko believes that Pantry will appeal not only to Millennials short on the time or knowledge to cook, but also families who often end the week with a fridge full of left-overs that get thrown away. “So many people have told us about their weekly ritual of clearing out the produce that has gone bad because they have not figured out a way to incorporate them into their cooking,” he says. “We’ve created several recipes that are fun, fast, and priced slightly lower specifically with families in mind.”

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