Brand building that brings dimples to your face and tears to your eyes

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At Truly Deeply we love what we do, we create and shape stand out brands on a daily basis; existing brands that challenge their markets, start-up brands that want to do something different and brands that truly seek to make a difference in the world. Each brand we work with brings a new set of challenges and opportunities, however it’s not every day that we work on a brand that touches our hearts, brings smiles to our faces and tears to our eyes all in the same session.

Introducing Dimple:

Dimple Derek

When we first met the team at Dimple (previously known as Aged Foot Care) they had such a strong idea of who they are and what they wish to bring to the world. I was blown away by the passion and determination that this group had for treating residents in aged care facilities, it was infectious and from the very beginning we felt that this brand was seeking to make a difference in the world and we wanted to be a part of it.

Dimple provide podiatry services to elders in aged care facilities, but we quickly learned that this was the functional service they provided and what they actually did was build relationships with elders in aged care facilities to bring smiles to their face to create rich and meaningful connections. In our many workshops we heard endless accounts of Dimple staff celebrating birthdays with elders when they had no family, brining them new slippers and taking the time for a trip down memory lane.

We helped them to refine their vision: To change the way the world values and celebrates our elders one smile at a time. Alongside this vision was a company with an immense spirit and huge company culture. There was just one problem; with a name like Aged Foot Care and a brandmark consisting of a foot they could only take their vision so far.

Here’s where Truly Deeply stepped in. We unlocked the essence of what made the brand special and harnessed the magic to strengthen their proposition and brand strategy. This provided a solid foundation for us to develop a name that clearly communicated their essence of “Care that Shines” and we developed an identity that communicated this proposition to the market giving the brand strength, legs and direction to help them achieve their vision.

This is a fantastic example of why it’s so important to ensure your value proposition, brand name, strategy and identity all speak with one voice. If you get this right then your target market will be best placed to clearly understand your brand and truly engage and connect with you.


Dimple brand engagement

So what does brand engagement and connection bring with it? Brand loyalty. It’s where the magic happens. When customers are loyal they will happily choose your product or service over others, you don’t need to work too hard to attract new customers because word of mouth will spread your message for you, and you can concentrate on ensuring you build meaningful brand relationship with your customers.

What I love about Dimple is that they are not content just offering podiatry services, it goes beyond that and really seeks to improve the wellbeing and happiness of our elders, and in doing so truly engages with everyone it touches. Deeper and more meaningful relationships are born, which in turn helps to retain their staff, create long standing relationships with facilities and the elders they care for.

This is a great lesson for other brands on how to add value to the lives of the people your brand touches to connect with their hearts and minds to create an loyal and profitable relationships.

When your brand strategy, vision, brand name, visual identity and a company culture all come together and sings with one voice, the end result is a powerful brand that really connects with you.

It certainly connected with our hearts and we’re proud to have been involved in shaping the Dimple brand.

If you’re interested to see the process we followed, take a look at our case study.

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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