Truly Deeply creates a web place brand identity for .melbourne

Truly Deeply reveals a different type of place brand with the identity design for .melbourne. The world’s most liveable city now has the world’s most liveable web address.

The new brand achieves a balance of representing everything that is loved about Melbourne as well as communicating the benefits of a local top-level domain.

The .melbourne identity is simple, clean and timeless capturing the many facets of Melbourne while making a compelling cased for purchasing a .melbourne address.

George Pongas, General Manager Naming Services, ARI Registry Services said that Truly Deeply balanced the challenges of launching a new city brand by complementing existing assets in the brand strategy for .melbourne. “The end result was an approach that positioned the product as a leader in its field while satisfying the expectations of our many stakeholders.”

Creating a web place brand has unique challenges. The brand needed to communicate all things Melbourne in a way that didn’t intrude on the existing Melbourne place brands. It was necessary for the identity to be simple enough to work with partner brands that would adopt the new domain name without overpowering their brand.

When researching other new and existing top-level domain logos, we noticed they all followed a very simplistic solution of the ‘dot’ followed by the domain name. With such a new program where public awareness is minimal, we felt that this was not enough. Our solution needed to clearly demonstrate what the product is.

The design solution is the word ‘Melbourne’ in a simple, elegant, forward-thinking typographical mark. The identity uses a font that provides strong visual recollection while not being over-styled. It is identifiable without being intrusive or creating visual conflict with partner level brands. The colours selected represent a blend of the cultured vibrancy and edgy sophistication that is at the heart of what represents Melbourne online.

The .melbourne brand is clearly differentiated and stands out in a highly competitive top-level domains market.

ARI Registry Services was appointed by the State Government of Victoria, in partnership with the City of Melbourne, to manage all functions of the .melbourne top level domain name.

To secure your .melbourne address, click here.

Click here to see the full project case study.

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