Bonds celebrate 100 years with it’s biggest campaign yet.


Australian’s of all ages come together to celebrate Bonds 100th birthday with song and dance. Turning 100 is kind of a big deal for a retail brand.

Bonds 100 year campaign

Bonds recent campaign is an INXS song and dance party of “five 20-year-olds, 200 6-month olds and a 75-year old mixing it up with a 25 year-old” in the name of colour, and the long life of the Bonds brand.

“100 years = Bonds”. Check out the video below.

The TVC was created by Leo Burnett who has been working with Bonds since 2014 in the retail and brand space. Burnett uses music, dancing and of course Bonds apparel to celebrate the milestone.


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Emily Small the senior marketing manager of bonds stated “we want to celebrate our 100 years with a campaign that engages with all Australians across all demographics and showcases our wide product offering. The INXS track captures our Australian spirit, and we felt it was fitting for our 100-year celebration”.

And some mathematics into the equation also…


Bonds want to pay tribute to Australians of all ages who have supported the brand and kept it alive. Bonds was founded in 1915, and has successfully maintained the title of Australia’s largest underwear brand.

The new campaign is a reminder that Bonds is still a household name, and its heritage is deeply embedded within the Australian market. Whether young or old, we all own something from Bonds, and this is quite powerful.

Olga Dumitriu

Client Account Executive

Photo Credits: Bonds.


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