Frank Body. A Coffee Scrub Revolution.


An Australian skincare brand is turning ground coffee beans into a body scrub. Sold inside a brown paper bag. Who would have thought? 

Let’s be frank. There is no real secret or magical ingredient hidden inside Frank’s packaging. A handful of coffee residue and coconut traces may leave your skin feeling soft and smelling fresh, but is $14.95 worth the spend and all the hype?


Surely this is a body scrub that you could DIY and save a few dollars. Clever marketing is the key driver here.


Frank Body is an Australian owned business, which only launched a few years ago. Frank’s Instagram page has hundreds of tagged photos of Frank Body enthusiasts covered head to toe in the coffee scrub. Their website is extremely user friendly and has clever messaging and casual use of words like “hey babe”, “lets get coffee?” and “get naked, get dirty, get rough, get clean”. Frank connects with consumers on a more personal level, and this also translates through their social media account.

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With any good publicity, also comes the negative. Frank Body recently experienced ‘trolls’ on their social media account, but they quickly addressed the issue by posting a comment “people often seem to forget their manners when it comes to the online world. So I’ve put together a few rules to live by. Head to my blog to learn more. #letsbefrank“. A list of 10 commandments were found on the blog for acceptable social media discourse. This generated more than 6,000 likes. A great example of turning a negative into a positive.

Frank Body found a playful and engaging way to communicate with their audience, and created a brand that suggests you don’t need a sophisticated product to attract followers and satisfied customers.

Olga Dumitriu

Client Account Executive


Photo Credits: Frank Body



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