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The Craft of Engaging Information Design
As a branding agency we’re not just about identity design; we spend much of our time working with annual report and corporate publication design, where we are tasked with not only communicating an overwhelming flood of data, but engaging the audience to stop, read, and connect. Much of the craft of this type of design is around creating visual hierarchy, an order to the information that helps the time and attention poor reader make sense, grasp an overview and decide whether or not to delve deeper. One of our most effective tools in this task is designing infographics. At their best, infographics capture imagination and breath colour and life into the text, drawing the reader into the content with a level of interest the often dry copy could never hope to achieve. I’ve pulled together a collection of instructional, amusing, educational and downright inspiring information graphics… enjoy.

The Sleep Schedules of 27 of History’s Greatest Minds Information Graphic
New York
based on Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals: How Artists Work

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The life of an introvert, illustrated by Gemma Correll,

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A range of information graphics created by Danish designer Peter Orntoft:


corporate publication agencies

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corporate communications agencies


Information graphic of native speakers of the worlds largest languages from the South China Morning Post




Beautiful linguistic family tree information graphic published on sssscomic.com using data from ethnologue.com



Cost of living around the world by Movehub:



A range of information graphics created by Danish designer Anton Egorov:

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Information design 2

Information design 3

Information design 4


A range of information graphics created by Pop Chart Lab:





Public information graphic designed by Unknown



Donald Bradman information graphic designed by Unknown



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