Keeping Promises Critical for Building Brand Engagement

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The Strongest Brands Always Walk the Talk
Brand is sometimes described as the promise made by an organisation to it’s clients and customers, a simplistic description, but one that strikes to the heart of how brands work. Whilst the most effective brands are complex, multi-layered, driven by values, built on differentiated with a consistently and clearly expressed value proposition, having all these attributes for success comes to naught if the brand does deliver on its promises. As in any kind of relationship, brand relationships are built on trust, and trust comes from striving to always do what you say you’re going to do, including through your:
• Product and service design;
• Customer Service;
• Customer experience;
Brand Identity;
Brand communications and engagement campaigns;
• The way you treat your employees;
• Pricing;
• Manufacturing and Supply Chains; and
• The way you treat the planet, society and your community.

When a brand fails to do what it promises it result is confusion, disappointment and disengagement with it’s customers and clients – the fastest way to lose loyalty and market share. But as research is now compellingly demonstrating; the path to significant increase in brand value comes from creating a differentiated and compelling brand proposition, and then delivering on that promise every day in everything you do.

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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