Working with a branding agency: a client perspective

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Today’s post is a guest blog from one of our clients. Damien James, CEO of Dimple gives a rare insight into the process of working with a branding agency from a client perspective.

A dimple hello to our new aged care brand

At the start of this month we launched our new brand onto the market. After 18 years it was time for a new name and a new look because Aged Foot Care no longer accurately reflected our focus and vision for the future. Yes we still do aged care podiatry, but those words are a functional description and don’t go anywhere near capturing who we are and how we do it.

We also needed our new identity to have a name my people could be proud of, and one that could take our company forward to being an employer of choice in aged care, and the place to go for a podiatry career.

We started talking to branding agencies because we wanted to do this right, and we knew a significant investment in time and resources was needed to achieve an outcome for the long term.

There was a lot to think about. What do we stand for? Who are we? What’s our why? So many aspects of our business had to be considered, including what our business looks like today and what it might look like in the future.

A brand has to make sense for now, but it also has to stretch, because you don’t want to re-branding your business often – brands should be built to last. I’m hoping Dimple will be our Coca-Cola and we’ll never need to rebrand the business again. That’s the plan.

We engaged Truly Deeply, and working with them was a revelation. My whole management team was involved, and it was really interesting to listen to so many different points of view, and have others actively involved and contributing to the conversation and decisions we were making about what we wanted our company to stand for, what we thought the company meant.

Having a brand agency distill that into a few words is like a light bulb moment, it’s like hearing something you always knew, but you had never used those actual words before.

Truly Deeply really ‘got’ us. They were highly engaged from the get-go and our Brand Director Gemma recently blogged that we were “a brand that touches our hearts, brings smiles to our faces and tears to our eyes all in the same session”. That line pretty much sums up what our business is all about, and I think they did a great job because that was so clear to them right from the start.

Because we worked with the professionals, and we had a top-notch project plan internally, Dimple was launched on the market smoothly and neatly. And though a few people calling into the office on the 1st of July hung up the phone when they heard “Welcome to Dimple” (because they thought they had dialed the wrong number) on the whole it was trouble free.

We’ve ‘dimplified’ our office (a word I came back with after a tour of the Zappos HQ in Vegas- more on that story later), and we’ve created an Aged Foot Care time capsule, cos now that it’s gone, I must admit I was a bit sad to bid it farewell. As a brand it served us well for a very long time. But our future is rosy and it’s got dimples all over it.

Damien James
CEO Dimple

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