WWF’s new packaging is Just* brilliant

WWF Packaging

Sydney based studio, Leo Burnet, have created an exciting new campaign for WWF, encouraging people to think outside the box and find a world of simple, natural and sustainable alternatives to everyday products.

WWF Packaging

Appropriately named just*, these quirky new products are an alternative to the typically used household products like bathroom cleaner and mouthwash. The packaging is completely stripped back using 100% natural and biodegradable paper cartons and simply contains raw products as natural solutions. That’s it. There is no use for plastic bottles and the chemical products that usually come inside.

“Every day we buy millions of household products that are essentially chemicals in plastic bottles. And, every one of them puts more pressure on our already fragile environment.”

Real lemons to make your own glass cleaner or natural cucumbers for sun relief – it makes sense. I love the clever juxtaposition between the die cut window of distinctive bottle shape and the natural items like lemons and cinnamon hidden inside.

WWF Packaging

“This is about more than products or brands. just* is about sparking a change in mindset that can help make a real difference for the planet.”

“Using packaging to change perception our product design reflected the simple, natural and organic nature of our idea and educated people on how to make the switch to a more sustainable alternative.”

WWF PackagingWWF Packaging

Check out the brilliant campaign clips below –


Stephanie Leo
Design Creative

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