Noosa chocolate factory keeps it's charm by avoiding online store


Noosa chocolate factory: a chocolate lovers dream come true. Whether its rocky road you crave, or brownies you better get in quick, as stock is only kept for 7 days after production and unfortunately there is no online store. All products are hand made, and delivered freshly to all retailers. 


The factory has partnered with Australian farms, and combine flavours and fruit that are creative and delicious into their chocolate. For example, the chocolate to feature this month is “Vegetarian Valencia orange pectin jelly slab, freeze dried whole Victorian Strawberries, Kingaroy cocoa dusted peanuts, semi dried chocolate coated cranberries, chocolate coated young Queensland ginger and chocolate coated South Australian pesticide free Almonds”.

Vegan’s can rest assured, the chocolate is 100% vegan and not tested on animals, in addition all of the products are palm oil free. For the gluten free peeps, there is also products to suit.



But why do they avoid utilising an online store, and even taking phone orders? Surely they are loosing sales. But this little chocolate factory has decide to hold on to their charm by stating “our product range changes nearly every day! We make our products in very small batches depending on what cocoa, fruit & berries are in season or available. This makes it difficult to maintain an online store and keep an up to date stock list”.

They go on to say “our philosophy is to make industry leading chocolate creations that are manufactured fresh and consumed fresh. Sometimes products are once-offs never to be seen again! We believe this is what makes us unique”.

Not selling online encourages people to purchase more when in store, and shows that not all businesses need to go online to be successful. The branding and product itself is premium and very unique.

Olga Dumitriu

Client Account Executive 

Photo Credits: Noosa Chocolate Factory


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