Using social media to help take the guess work out of your brand engagement.

Testing brand strategy

Taking the guess work out of your brand engagement
There’s an old advertising adage that ‘half of your advertising works, but the trick is figuring-out which half’. The whole market research industry is based-on the premise that if only we could figure-out how people will respond to your brand strategy/identity/marketing/ad campaign you could risk-proof your marketing. As anyone who has spent much of their time and money marketing will know – it just aint that simple! But the good news is that social media and digital are starting to provide us with the opportunity to remove the guess work and strategically dial-up your brand engagement.Brand decisions are driven firmly by the heart not the head. One of the draw-backs of market research is that when we ask for an opinion, we get a conscious response driven by how that person thinks they would react, when what we are after is how they would react without thinking. On the flip side, the way people respond to content in the digital and social environments is both genuine and trackable – allowing a true read on brand engagement.

As an example, a brand with an active and well managed Instagram account will get a strong sense of the type of imagery, the mood, content and tone that consistently attracts the most likes and comments. Whether the imagery is self created or driven by their consumers is unimportant – what matters most is the direction this provides a brand for their marketing and promotional campaigns, web site content and product development. Another example we are implementing currently with a brand strategy and identity client is split testing two name and identity options using online to create prototype brand spaces, then driving genuine traffic to see which one converts those leads to inquiries most effectively.

Both are examples of the concept of ‘firing bullets before canon balls’ – which is essentially the practice of prototyping and assessing before launching full-tilt, a mindset made so much more practical by the digital tools at our fingertips.

Dave Ansett
Truly Deeply Founder and Creator of Brands
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