Unexpected brand canvases can deliver a big pay-off for customer engagement

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Stunning Images Create Memorable Brand Connections
Artist Julien Nonnon’s recent project projecting his stunning images onto buildings around the streets of Paris is a graphic reminder of the power of placing brand visual language in unexpected places. Even as go-to-market channels for brands splinter with more and different ways to communicate your marketing messages, having an eye to the innovative is the key to identifying extraordinary opportunities for brand engagement. Image projection is nothing new, and isn’t for all brands. The co-opting of public space brings with it a responsibility to inspire and entertain rather than an opportunity to ‘make the logo bigger’. But for the right brands – especially those with an ‘art project mentality’ – outdoor, public space projection is a high value ROI canvas for creating connections and conversations (both online and in the real world) with potential customers and new brand fans.

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Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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All pics thanks to Julien Nonnon

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