The Video Content Trend for Real Estate Branding – Stranger the Better

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The trend to video content in digital marketing is not a new one and we observed as it’s taken hold across different categories – and real estate was always going to be a monty. Video has the power to evocatively capture a mood and a sense of character and place, whilst also being able to fully sell the functional attributes of a property. To-date we’ve seen plenty of the latter – uninspiring, flat & boring video starring the local real estate agent, his ego and a few empty rooms – especially in the US market. But the interesting new trend we’re seeing is anything but boring, its… well, pretty out there!It seems when the real estate market breaks from the shackles of boredom they really kick down the door – kinda like an the IT department’s tequila-fueled Christmas excursion – not sure you ant to look, but can’t tear your eyes away. As the clips below demonstrate, video marketing for real estate is getting curiouser and curiouser…

As they say; “Now we’ve got your attention, do you wanna buy a house?”

Dave Ansett
Creator of Brands
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