Brand promiscuous behaviour: analysing daily brand consumption

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Are we loyal to the brands we use on a daily basis or do they simply serve a purpose ready to be traded in for the next best alternative that comes along? We often talk about how brand loyalty is a dying art with more and more consumers having less loyalty to the brands in their lives. With that in mind I thought it would be good to analyse my own brand consumption and the brands that I choose to interact with on a daly basis. I documented the brands that I came into contact with and relied on for an entire day (Monday 26th October) as an experiment to determine how many brands I am loyal to. What surprised me was the number of brands that simply serve a functional purpose in my life,  I would quite happily trade them in for something else if it came along.

A day in the life of my brand world…..

Brand loyalty

One thing quickly became apparent, I was interacting with brands without actually realising it. I had to really think hard to record all of the brands that touched my life and I’m sure there are some that slipped past without me even noticing.

I recognised that there must be more brands that have worked hard to engage me and earn a solid place in my life. So I gave myself five minutes to jot down other brands that I consider to be crucial to my life and here they are…

Loyal brands

The reasons for my brand loyalty vary but ultimately it comes down to the way they engage with me and my life. A lesson for brands in this exercise is that while consumers may be using your brand they may have no customer loyalty and will be easily tempted away. The good news is that it’s easy to change, by understanding your customer and building layers of brand engagement you can build loyalty to win customers for life. It’s a road that constantly needs to be navigated and you will need to adjust your route to meet your customers and what is happening in the market but it’s well worth it to become something that your customers cannot live without.


Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects
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Image: Tanzeel Ur Rehman Asia Press

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