How Google, Pinterest, Netflix and Co. use design to disrupt their market

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Airbnb, Facebook & Twitter demonstrate how design creates disruptive brands
The 21st Century has seen massive change in the world of business. Traditional industries have been shaken to their foundations by start-ups that seem to spring up out of nowhere. How are they doing it? With design. A new documentary film called; Design Disruptors from Invision films looks to plumb the minds of the top designers across a number of fields from the world’s smartest and most disruptive companies to discover how design has become the new language of business. As Bob Baxley – Pinterest Head of Product Development says; “We are living in what’ are essentially revolutionary times”.┬áRyan Donahue – Zendesk VP of Product Design adds;”Over the last five years there have been several billion dollar companies started by designers, and that’s a new phenomenon”.

The trailer for the documentary has been launched online and provides a teaser of what’s to come with grabs of insight from designers responsible for building some of the most innovative products and brands in the world:

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“Even the best companies in the world that just have amazing processes are vulnerable if they haven’t thought about design” says Jeremy Crane – Hubspot VP of Product. Jenny Arden – Google User Experience Design Lead adds; “At its best design is human. It’s not about does it have drop shadows, is it pretty? It’s more about the connection I have to it”. “People have choice now. If they open it up and don’t immediately understand the value – they’re done” cites Mia Blume, Product Design Manager at Pinterest.

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