Are snack brands leveraging Canteen cred to mislead parents?

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Guys, Honesty Builds Brand Loyalty.
In the highly competitive snack food category the current battlefront is a brand’s ability to successfully position its products as ‘healthy’ in the minds of consumers. As brands seek to gain every advantage there’s been a shift from hard earned credibility of ‘heart ticks’, organic and similar certification to less credentialed symbols intended to mislead consumers through positive associations. One such trend is to borrow credibility from school canteens by claiming products to be ‘Canteen Approved’. This choice of language is intentionally emotive, helping consumers solve the lunchbox challenge they face weekly. A survey carried-out by Choice Magazine has found that ‘43% of parents believe these logos have been approved by an independent authority or government body’.

FMCG packaging agenciesWhilst this might provide a short term advantage on the supermarket shelves, it was only ever going to be a matter of time before consumer awareness revealed the claims to be misleading, re-establishing the brand perception as unhealthy, eroding customer trust and confidence in the brand and undermining the brand relationship in the long term.

Relationships between brands and people work pretty much like any other kind of relationship, and this current tactic is kinda like lying on your dating profile and expecting no-one to mind when you turn up and aren’t a six foot four retired sportsman/supermodel.

Dave Ansett
Truly Deeply Founder & Creator of Brands
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