Dear Target…I love you – When brands do the right thing.

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Target championing disabilities as normal – a brilliant retail brand strategy.
I spotted Target making the headlines around the world this week, all for very commendable reasons. In their weekly catalogue, they featured a young child with a disability wearing one of their Halloween products, an Elsa dress from the Disney movie, Frozen. The simple gesture went viral this week, especially resonating with parents of children with disabilities.

A mother first spotted the image and wrote a note to Target on Facebook.

Dear Target

Championing real people

Brands doing the right thing
Target have previously made headlines through promoting other disabilities featuring a boy with down syndrome in a catalog a number of years ago, sparking a similar amount of positive response from the public.

From a brand point of view, I think this really small gesture has had a huge positive impact for Target. The brand has bucked the trend of an industry rampant with unrealistic perfection and retouching models within an inch of their life, proving that we are all different and normal. It’s the industry we work in unfortunately. Over the years I’ve had clients comment that “the baby is too ugly”, and I’ve been asked to “retouch double chins and bags under the eyes” of a 3 year old girl!! This is not a lie. So from a personal point of view, this is a breadth of fresh air and I hope other brands can follow suit to include more diversity in their brand campaigns.

Gemma Tedford
Director of Brand Projects
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Pics courtesy of Target

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