Arnott’s fine for misleading packaging a warning to other brands

Truly Deeply packagingIconic Aussie biscuit brand caught out for misleading customers with inflated health claims on pack.
Arnott’s has been fined $51,000 by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for claims on its Light & Crispy packaging. If you are making claims on your packaging you might want to check how genuine they are – or you could be next!

The fine was based on Arnott’s using a false comparison to claim their product has 75 per cent less saturated fat. They were also caught out comparing their product to potato chips cooked in 100 per cent palm oil. Apparently, only 20 per cent of chips sold in Australia are, so the ACCC said this was unreasonable.

Despite fine print to clarify this comparison, Arnott’s was found guilty of adopting a false comparator to inflate a health claim.

While the actual fine probably won’t bother Arnott’s too much, the brand damage may. Being splashed across news sites for effectively being dishonest may make people question whether they can truly trust the brand now.

If you are a brand manager, and stretching the truth for your ‘on pack’ claims you might want to rethink that strategy. Brand honesty is always the best policy – check the four golden rules in a previous post here.

Better still, we’d love to talk to you about creating compelling packaging that is rich in authentic brand story telling that engages your audience and helps you get attention for the right reasons.

Michael Hughes
Managing Partner, Strategy
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Images: Arnott’s


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