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In Search of Passionate Branding Professionals
The secret ingredients of every effective branding agency are a rare but critical mixture of Passion and Professionalism. As a statement this may sound like the bleeding obvious, but finding the right team for your branding / communications project with the right level of both professionalism and passion for the craft is no easy feat.

Whilst there are plenty of talented designers who love what they do, the creativity they bring to bear is only of commercial value when it is partnered with serious business acumen – the type of insight that makes you think; ‘yep, these guys are going to help me grow my business’.

Recently I was asked as a favour to spend an hour with a young entrepreneur who having engaged a design agency to develop new packaging for her business, was left with a feeling that there was something missing. The design work was presented  to me by the client and I was both touched by the beauty of the aesthetic, and frustrated at the lack of understanding of the commercial requirements of packaging to; catch attention on the shelf, connect with a defined consumer, demand trial and tell the brand story. These are things we believe to be the minimum deliverables of a brand packaging project – the professional side of what we do.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer in the branding power of beauty – we are absolutely passionate about creating beautiful brand design because we know that nothing less is required to stir emotion and create connection – the two critical ingredients of effective branding. Brands who fail to build emotional relationships have nothing to compete on but functional attributes, and they will always be outpaced by smarter, faster or cheaper competitors.

Brands that stir emotion build meaningful relationships that are the key to growing revenues and margin – think Apple, who’s fans (not just customers) queue overnight to be the first to own a product available around the corner and a cheaper price. Apple is the most successful retailer in the world with sales of US$40,000 per square foot of store floor space – that’s not coincidence, that’s emotional engagement.

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But we are equally committed to our professional commercialism,  driven by the belief that role of brand is to serve the business.We haven’t done our job until we’ve played a significant role in successfully launching a new product, shifting market perceptions for brands on the slide, growing market share and increasing top line revenues and bottom line profits. Our branding and packaging design work for TOM Organic saw the business grow virtually overnight from a handful of independent retail stockists to prime shelf space in both major National supermarkets and National pharmacy chain Chemist Warehouse resulting in the kind of top line revenue growth most businesses dream of.

And whilst we are not the only professional and passionate branding agency in the country, we and our peers are in the minority. The key to selecting the right branding agency for your next project is to sort those with equal measures of passion and professionalism from those without.

Dave Ansett
Truly Deeply Founder & Creator of Brands
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