The evolution of fashion footwear brands now embracing comfortable and stylish shoes

Birkenstock retail brand

Fashion brands are embracing the shift in everyday footwear.
Surprisingly in the past few years, comfortable footwear for women (and men) has become more popular than ever before. But is style compromised?

Women in particular know all too well about the choices we make in the name of ‘fashion’. From those excessively high heels to those awkward strappy platforms, we purchase shoes to compliment our outfits but the word ‘comfort’ does not enter our vocabulary. I personally can’t resist wearing my Brazilian hand made leather stilettos on a Saturday night, but I do indeed scramble for a chair after a couple of hours.

I speak on behalf of all the women I know, there is rarely a ‘sexy’ shoe that is comfortable. Especially for night time occasions. But the side effects of wearing uncomfortable shoes can be damaging.

How about shoes worn during the day? These are usually a little more comfortable, however not necessarily good for you. You may not be popping out the the supermarket in stilettos, but are those flat shoes supportive enough? I doubt it.

Foot X-ray

There has been a real shift towards educating people about the damaging effects from wearing incorrect footwear. As we grow old, we start to think more about what’s comfortable rather than stylish. But brands such as Birkenstock and Clarks market their products as being both. The new era of shoes support your feet and look nice, but they do come at a cost. Your looking at around $100 and over for a pair. Runners such as Nike are also increasingly becoming a daytime favourite, however this is clearly not fashionable, its purely comfort.

Fashion footwear branding

Nike Fashion footwear brands

It seems like the days are gone where comfortable shoes are considered socially unacceptable. Brands are now filling the gap and selling shoes for all occasions with a clear message that ‘comfy’ is the new sexy. Brands like the above are now using sidewalk photography with models in ripped jeans and loose shirts to promote their comfortable and stylish shoes. So let’s farewell ‘no pain, no gain’.

Olga Dumitriu
Client Account Executive
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