Creative Recruiters Interview Series talks to Truly Deeply Founder Dave Ansett

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The Interview Series : Part One from Creative Recruiters
Creative Recruiters is part of a wide and eclectic industry occupied by some truly extraordinary people, many of them brimming with wisdom and insight. They decided we’d ask some of these leaders, sages and expert practitioners for a little bit of the knowledge they’d gathered over many years plying their craft and leading their own ventures

They didn’t want to waste their time with the sort of questions you’ve heard a thousand times before, so they decided to think laterally. They made their questions deliberately provocative and asked three interviewees to be as candid with their answers as they were willing to be. First cab off the rank are design and branding experts – David Ansett from Truly Deeply, Andrew Ashton from Work Art Life and Grant Davidson from Davidson Design.

Why are there so few filthy rich design agency owners?
David Ansett, Founder & Chief Creator of Brands at creative agency, Truly Deeply – a 25-year industry veteran – believes that design studios need to be far more business-oriented. “The design industry has never seen itself as contributing to increasing profit. Not until recently. [It] has evolved into an aesthetic, artist-led, visual craft model,” Ansett says. He contrasts it with the evolution of the older and historically more commercially-minded advertising industry and describes them as proverbial chalk and cheese.

Will design and branding agencies ever be the commercial successes of their advertising cousins? According to David Ansett, if it ever happens, we’ll have a surefire way of knowing the tide is turning: investors will swoop.

“There’s a really interesting question that someone asked me years ago: ‘How many private equity firms are investing in the branding and associated design industry in Australia?’ and I said ‘None. Not even close.’ He said “That’s a fair indication the industry has too many challenges and faults.’

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