Genius Apple parody to get you thinking about your brand loyalty

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The release of the new Apple Watch has seen countless parody videos emerge but one in particular has me questioning my brand loyalty.

The term ‘Apple Fanboy’ has made it into the urban dictionary, meaning “a person who believes in almost anything that apple says… who honestly believes anything other than an Apple product doesn’t work… who waits in line for days for Apple keynote speeches… who believes adding an ‘i’ prefix to anything is automatically superior to anything that does not have ‘i’ in front of it.” It may seem excessive but sadly I can relate.

This brand obsession has got me thinking – will my apple products be something I cherish forever or are they disposable gadgets to be forgotten as soon as the next version is released? I invest a ridiculous amount of time and money into Apple but is it really worth it? Will it be something I tell my grandchildren about – the story of when I came in contact with my first Macbook? Probably not.

In a fantastic parody of an Apple Watch commercial, YouTuber ‘BeefJury’, uses audio from the famous Pulp Fiction monologue. The simple footage overlaid with Walken’s memorable speech explains the unorthodox way this watch has been passed down through generations and despite all odds, made it into the hands of the rightful owner.

Stephanie Leo 
Design Creative
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