Nine entertainment fixes their brand architecture to connect their channels

Brand architecture Truly Deeply, media brandsNine strengthens their brand architecture to build a family of brands
While ABC, SBS and Seven have built a series of channels that connect their brands, Nine like Ten, have built a series of independent TV brands. Nine are now admitting this wasn’t working and are rethinking their brand architecture to reveal more focus on building a connected family of brands around the nine dots.

Nine are reclaiming the nine dots to create a true network brand. All channels in the group will now carry the unifying nine dots as an endorsement to their brands.

Until now, the networks have been largely focused on their original channel as the hero and seeing the others as secondary. The ratings also reflect this.

Gone are the days of just 5 free to air channels that were defined by the frequency channel they broadcast on. With digital and online, the networks have the opportunity to reframe their brands beyond being a channel number to be true entertainment brands.

The challenge is now on for the networks to unify their content to own a larger share of digital streaming and on-demand audiences.

Brand architecture Truly DeeplyNine’s use of the nine dots across its channels is move in the right direction. Although the heritage channel is still the hero, it does start to build differentiation between the network brand and the primary brand to enable the network brand to align all channels. It’s a smarter approach than the forced and inconsistent approach that seven has taken in naming 7Two and 7Mate.

The changes also mean that Nine is the first of the commercial networks to bring back HD programming on the main channel. This will bring Australia up to speed with the rest of world and no doubt force seven and ten to follow suit. It will also solve the branding and communication challenge around major events.

Ten will now be the only network with a house of brands. But ten has no unique brand element that could be applied across the channels without just simply slapping their primary channel brand across the portfolio. To create a family of brands for the ten network would require a lot more thought than nine’s approach.

As part of the brand refresh, Nine has rebadged their catch up streaming service from 9Jumpin to ‘9Now’ and will launch a new lifestyle channel ‘9Life’.

The new nine network and channel brands will take effect on 26th November.

Michael Hughes
Managing Partner, Strategy
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Images: Courtesy of Nine Entertainment Co.

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