Good things happen when brands deliver on their promises

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Keeping promises is not always easy, but it’s always a good idea.
Brands spend plenty of time and energy on defining their competitive advantage, but what use is a differentiated value proposition if it’s not being delivered on in a substantial way.

These brand gestures are what we call proof points – or more simply – things that customers and clients notice you doing that helps them to understand why you are different from your competitors. If the strategy that drives your brand promise is on the money, these gestures will drive positive engagement, leading to increased trial, repeat purchase and positive customer-led advocacy.

This pic was shot at a Woolworths store in New Zealand and shows a simple but powerful gesture developed as a proof point that Woolworths really are the ‘fresh food people’. Having spent alot of my life in meetings with clients presenting ideas for brand activation and engagement, I have to applaud both the branding agency and the client in this case for following through on this idea. I’m constantly surprised how often clients are resistant to doing something that steps outside their current market approach/comfort zone in order to deliver on their brand promise.

This piece of brand engagement has not only been noticed by local customers, but also by the likes of Jamie Oliver who recently posted this pic on his Instagram account to his 3.4 million followers where it received almost 80,000 likes – that’s alot of love for keeping a brand promise.

Dave Ansett
Truly Deeply Founder & Creator of Brands
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Pic from @jamieoliver’s Instagram account

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