Brands using their Christmas campaign to spread awareness on loneliness


This Christmas we’ve seen a common trend among major brand’s Christmas TVC campaigns, where instead of painting the perfect family experience, they’ve focused on some of the not so pleasant parts of Christmas, loneliness in the elderly and raising awareness on how we all can do our bit to ensure loved ones, friends and neighbours don’t feel isolated during the holidays.


UK retailer giant, John Lewis write the book in Christmas ads, year upon year, they absolutely nail their Christmas sentiment and engage audiences far beyond their target. This year they managed to shed tears across social media with their #ManOnTheMoon campaign. Couple a whimsical re-remastering of Oasis hit, Half the World Away with a cute little girl, an even cuter old man sitting alone on the moon, some amazing cinematography and a heart-tugging message, queue grown men reaching for the kleenex.


But another retailer in Germany, Edeka have taken the powerful theme of loneliness a stage further with their Christmas campaign, a less epic concept but a much more powerful sentiment. Year upon year, Opa (grandfather) receives messages from his family that they can’t make it home this year, check it out, you’ll definitely need the Kleenex.

Both brands have taken the same theme and interpreted it in very different, albeit creative ways. For me these campaigns are extremely powerful and makes me think of all the people alone at this time of year, and wonder what I can do about it. I also like how both brands have managed to leverage the Christmas campaign to spread brand awareness, rather than opting for a tactical campaign.

On a sad note, I won’t be going home for Christmas this year 🙁

Gemma Tedford
Director of Brand Projects

Pics courtesy of Edeka and John Lewis.

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