Lack of Color 2016 Summer Campaign – ‘Las Palmas’

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Anything but ‘lack of color’.
Lack of Color is a Brisbane born label of Robert Tilbury and Tess Corvaia which was founded in 2010. They provide a range of women’s and men’s quality hats for all seasons, mostly 100% cotton and seemingly timeless designs. Since their launch five years ago, they have created a brand that instantly grew a cult following and have since maintained mass followers on social media, with many celebrities on board the hat movement also.

2016 summer campaign

So what inspired the fashion duo to introduce a hat brand into the market? They explain “We both love wearing hats and thought there was a no real distinctive hat brands so we thought, why the hell not? And decided to go for it”. There’s no lack of passion here.

And what’s the rationale behind the name ‘Lack of Color’ aside from the American English way of spelling colour; “The name lack of color is inspired by one of our favourite bands, Death Cab For Cutie and their song ‘A Lack of Color”, says the duo.

Lack of color hats

When asked about their 5-year business plan, they mention that they hope to keep the designs up to date and fresh, expanding to creating different styles of hats and possibly moving to clothing ventures in the fashion industry.

The debut of the 2016 summer campaign called ‘Las Palmas’ leaves you with a dreamy Californian summer feeling (set in the 70’s), using vintage cars and vibrant talent. The brand offers 26 different kinds of designs, some include felt, woven straw or leather.

Model wearing lack of color hat

Woven hat

Summer campaign

Lack of Color is an exciting and innovative brand with a passion for fashion, ticking all the right boxes.

Olga Dumitriu
Client Account Executive

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Image Courtesy: Lack of Color Australia


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