AAMI risk offending at least half the population with their latest brand campaign

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The AAMI insurance brand has always been about the AAMI girl but has their latest campaign taken it too far? Moving on from Rhonda and Ketut, AAMI has launched their new big budget ‘not very insurancey’ brand campaign.

In what feels like a flash back to madmen style use of old world stereotypes or a Robert Palmer video, the AAMI ad has flying call centre girls who drop from the sky and look like a cross between air hostesses and creepy robots.

It’s certainly big on budget and manages to force all the AAMI products nicely into 30 seconds. There’s apparently millions of AAMI’s ready to cheer you on when you pass your safe driving courses. AAMI is there on holiday ready to save you from stampeding ostriches and there’s loads of AAMIs who fall from the sky to show you how their app can save the day when you have an accident.

Despite all of this, I’m really struggling to engage with the brand storytelling. I also wonder whether it will alienate many women who feel this is no longer a brand for them.

What do you think?

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  1. Yep, as a woman I’m confused! The ads are rubbish. It would be great if the AAMIs would land at 27 Dora St in Orange, a house they have insured, and start the repairs so the old lady who is the tenant can return to her home. She comes each day for the mail, on crutches, and waters her plants and tends the graves of her dog and cats who died in the fire, and asks if anyone has been to look at the damage. It’s so sad. Do something AAMI!

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