Fashion brand Dolce&Gabbana courts Muslim Women with new Hijabs & Abayas range

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D&G engages the valuable Muslim market
You can count on a single finger the number of audiences with a US$300 billion annual spend ignored by major brands globally… that is up until now. With few exceptions the world’s major fashion brands have largely ignored the Muslim community, but with the launch of Dolce&Gabbana’s new range of hijabs and abayas, Muslim women of the world finally get a much deserved and long awaited taste of style. And with estimates that within three years Muslim consumers will be spending $484 billion on clothing and shoes annually, this move by the highly respected fashion house looks as smart as it is stylin’.

The move by D&G throws into question why it has taken so long for the major brands to shift their focus to this market. Undoubtedly the back room, finance guys have been all over the size and growth of the Muslim market, but until now the market has been largely seen as too risky or too difficult by the global brand leaders. As a first mover to genuinely engage this market, D&G will enjoy a level of brand loyalty those who follow will need to work hard to dislodge. Expect to see more major players across a range of categories follow Dolce&Gabbana’s lead in making this market a genuine focus in the year ahead and beyond.

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