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Is Trademarking Hashtags Making Social Media Anti-Social?

Will putting a trademark on hashtags restrict its ability to be successful? In recent times, brands have increasingly been using their own bespoke hashtags to communicate with customers. As the use of hashtags becomes more common, hashtag trademark applications filed have followed suite. The words…

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Elon Musk’s Successful Tesla launch demonstrates how to build a ‘Green Brand’.

Finally a green car brand without compromise. The huge challenge for all ‘Green Brands‘ is to meet or exceed consumer expectations on price, quality and design/functionality allowing those brands to then leverage their environmental credentials as a powerful differentiator. Almost without exception green brands offer-up…

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The 12 Steps to Building a Loved Brand

Loved brands are profitable brands Is the whole ‘Loved Brands’ thing a fluffy piece of feelgood PR from the branding community or a commercially savvy strategy? That so much cynicism surrounds the brand industry must be a reflection of the inability of the industry to…

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Can Snapchat be an Effective Communication Platform?

As Instagram announces its changes to their timeline, are brands already planning for the future? Instagram have recently announced they will be gradually rolling out a new algorithm based timeline replacing the existing chronological format, with a broad roll out expected in the coming months.…

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A touch of class brand rivalry

Automotive giant, BMW celebrated it’s 100th birthday in March this year and to mark the centenary have launched their vision for the next 100 years, to further instill their core ethos of ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’ to their customers. They aim to make their fascinating driving experience even…

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Qantas disrupts the market by diversifying to health insurance

Yesterday Qantas Airlines have launched an addition to their diversified business portfolio, Qantas Assure, health insurance for Qantas Frequent Flyer Members. Their big budget ATL campaign features cool-as-f*ck Hollywood actor, Christopher Walken, so you can only imagine how much they’ve spent! This big move is significant for both the…

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