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Zuppa Brand 10

There’s nothing we like more than sharing in the success with our clients when their brand finally launches and becomes a reality. Yesterday the team at Truly Deeply got behind one of our clients to try out their new soup store in Melbourne CBD. Zuppa has just opened on Little Collins St and we got a first hand last of our brand efforts and the delicious soup and yummy toasties.

A little over a year ago we got a phone call from Phil the mast mind behind Zuppa and heard about his vision to bring soup to the fast causal dining scene of Melbourne. Immediately we were right behind his idea and saw potential in the market. Together we spent months refining the proposition and bringing it to life through the brand design. Then yesterday we got to experience the brand in real life my sampling the soup at Zuppa and seeing how our brand design materialised in the restaurant.

Zuppa Brand

It’s no easy feat to have an idea and then have the guts, determination, vision and hard slog to follow through with it. We’re always so honoured to be involved in the journey and it’s even more rewarding when we get to experience it first hand especially when there is food involved.

We spoke to Phil about how he found the branding process and advice he would give to others:

What would be your one piece of advice for someone who has an idea like you had with Zuppa and is thinking about starting the brand development journey and following it through to reality?
Think big picture and know that brand development is investing in an asset. As long as your business plan is sound, the brand development should pay for itself …

Was it harder than you thought?
There has been challenges and sleepless nights. But not really, it is only difficult if you don’t have quality people around you. I am sure there will be obstacles in the future but we are very lucky at Zuppa because we have a great team!

How did you find the brand development process?
It was very exciting and necessary, unfortunately when your a start-up your initial set up costs are only recouped when you open several stores. So go into the process with that mindset. But overall, I throughly enjoyed the experience.

How does it feel to have your brand come to life?
It has to be the best part of starting a business, now it’s just about sticking to the brand values and constantly falling back on those values when making decisions.

Zuppa Brand 9

Zuppa Brand 6

Zuppa Brand 2

Head on down and try it out for yourself. We highly recommend the soup and toastie combo!!

Find out more about the brand and project here.

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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