A new mattress brand Sooma, created by Truly Deeply

Introducing Sooma, a mattress without springs!! But don’t let that fool you, the team at Sooma have been working behind the scenes to design a mattress that is incredibly comfortable and brings something different to the crowded mattress market. No boring grey edge mattress here, complicated features or fear that it won’t deliver comfort. With a 100 & 10 sleep guarantee they have given their customers peace of mind that if they aren’t happy they can return the mattress.

We’re particularly in love with this brand and product not only because it’s awesome but because we created the brand and helped to bring it to life. We’ve been with the brand every step of the way from crafting the strategy, coming up with the name and translating that into the visual brand identity.

We had a chat with Campbell Yule from Sooma about how the new brand is being received in the market and the challenges facing the launch of a a new brand:

What is the biggest challenge launching a new brand into market?

Over the last 12 months there has been a quite number of new brands have entered online mattress retail space so very quickly the market place has changed. We are how seeing a lot of fairly aggressive marketing, a lot of brand confusion created by similarity of both brand look, story and offer, as well as constant discounting. The constant changing landscape and the pace of it has caused some distraction and challenged us to ensure that our brand proposition and how its delivered provides differentiation, tangible value and some clear market space.


What role does the brand play in growing the business?

The brand is an important part of our business toolkit and is used to provide focus on what we are doing, how we are doing it and why we are doing it. In our industry confusion is a big issue at a customer level so the brand provides us with a frame work to keep on task and helps with ability to remain consistent – it stops us from getting confused and from trying to be everything to everybody. We use the brand to identify opportunities, guide our product ranging and design, define how we communicate and now we visually present our business.


How is the brand being received by customers? 

Its early days but  so far the its been received really well. We are receiving lots of good comments on visually how the brand is looking mainly from a website perspective and the design of our first product range. We also send a personalised welcome note with each mattress and received a few comments on how nice this is.

What’s next for Sooma? 

Hopefully a lot of good nights sleep for our customers but ironically not for us! Over the next few months we will be launching our ‘interesting stuff’ (better known as a blog) section on our website, will be bringing our online experience to the real world and we have new products in development including a new pillow range which will be launched soon.


sooma-packaging sooma-sleep-kit-design

Gemma Dittmar
Director of Brand Projects

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