Organic natural brands no longer differentiate

When mega brands go organic

Gatorade is introducing an organic version of it’s brightly coloured sugar water for ‘athletes’. While the new product will be tested in select markets it seams Pepsi Co., the parent brand, sees the threat to the market dominant sports drink from more natural products and consumers desire to drink less chemicals. The new line, called G Organic, even comes in more natural flavours. While the main ingredients are still water and sugar (seven teaspoons) it no longer uses the artificial food dyes found in all it’s other products.

Gatorade Organic Brand Packaging

Organic no longer differentiates

This is Gatorade’s second foray into a more natural product offering, after it’s failed ‘G Natural’ line was withdrawn in 2012. And while Gatorade believes the new product has a different proposition it clearly indicates that while product proof points like ‘Natural’ or ‘Organic’ are desirable they no longer provide any real brand differentiation. They are now no more than a production process, ones that can be adopted and exploited by competitors. If your brand relies on such a proposition, the writing’s on the wall. It’s time to reconsider your brand proposition and develop a differentiated ‘why’ for your brand and rise above the production ‘whats’ of you product.

Derek Carroll

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