Uber trades cars for horses for Cup weekend

It still gets me three years into living in Melbourne, that Victorians get a day off work, to gamble on horses, but hey, I’m happy to not have to come in tomorrow. While I will be avoiding the crowds personally and enjoying a day off, I’ve noticed a couple of brands, cleverly tapping into the festivities to reach out to Victorians this week.

My favourite, was uber, who this week, have replaced their car icon for horses within their maps this week. Such a simple and relatively easy gesture for the brand, can really go a long way in terms of cementing brand loyalty on a local level. Tapping into an audience, on their level and tailoring a message to them is a great way to reinforce that you understand your local market, and inherently, you’re local too. Although the business is a global brand, they spend a huge amount of time and resource ensuring they tailor the brand to each specific market.

Aber Cup Day

Happy Cup Day.

Gemma Tedford

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