Why Micro Influencers are every brand’s best friend

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Micro Influencers can build your brand for less than you think.

When most brand owners, managers and marketers think of social media influencers, they picture top shelf celebrities with millions of followers charging $100,000 per mention. And whilst these mega-stars are leveraging their huge followings to help launch and build brands with accelerated success, they are well and truly out of reach of the marketing budget of most businesses. But there’s much more to influencer marketing than first meets the eye…

In a recent article on Curalate, Kevin Joey Chen explores the rising power of Micro Influencers. A micro influencer is defined as a social media personality that has between 10,000 and 100,000 followers on any given platform. These influencers typically have an area of expertise and passion that positions them at the center of a connected community and offer a three punch advantage over their more expensive peers:

• Targeted Reach
Their area of expertise builds a community around a shared passion. Their smaller following also tends to be geographically centralised. These two dimensions can be extremely valuable for brands smart enough to understand the relevance and leverage it within their own backyard.

• High Engagement
That same passion and expertise build a high level of engagement. The smaller (relatively) size of their community lends itself to greater collaboration and communication. These things both lead to a high degree of engagement unlikely to be matched by any other marketing channel. It’s interesting that follower community engagement tend to drop as number of followers grows.

• Value for Money
Bloglovin’ reports that 84% of micro-influencers on Instagram charge less than $250 per branded Instagram post and 97% charge less than $500. Twitter is even cheaper, with 90% charging less than $150 per post.

This combination of cost effective, targeted engagement is food for thought for any brand, but the challenge is in finding the right influencer. Get set for a new generation of influencer marketing tools – web sites with the smarts to connect brands with content generating influencers who are filtered to match a brand’s marketing requirements.

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As Chen and Bloglovin’ point out; “Let’s say you have $5,000 to spend on influencer marketing. That wouldn’t even get you noticed by a top influencer, but if you spend it on micro-influencers you’ll get a lot. Here’s what you can get with $5,000:

  • 35 to 100 branded Instagram posts reaching 200,000 followers (Cost per impression (CPM) of $10 to $30).
  • 60 to 200 branded Twitter posts reaching 315,000 followers (CPM of $8 to $20).
  • 35 to 100 branded Facebook posts reaching 125,000 followers (CPM of $15 to $40).
  • 10 to 35 branded blog posts reaching 315,000 followers (CPM of $20 to $50).”

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In a brave new brand world of complex channels to market, things just got more complex and more exiting all at the same time.

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