Why Consumers Love a Brand that Stands for Something

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I recently came across this pic in my Facebook feed; it’s of a label sown into garments produced by a small U.S. brand for sale in the French market. The translation from French says:

Wash with warm water
Use mild soap
Dry flat
Do not use bleach
Do not dry in the dryer
Do not iron
We are sorry that our President is an idiot. We did not vote for him.

Like everyone else, we love a brand that stands-up to be counted. For many brands the fear of alienating a prospective customer or client is enough for them to shy-away standing-up for their beliefs. But the result is that a brand that doesn’t stand for anything ends-up standing for nothing in the minds of the consumer.

Our Differentiation Manifesto cheers for brands to be bold, be confident, be full of personality, stand for something and stand-out from the crowd.

Dave Ansett
David is the founder of Truly Deeply, a brand agency with 25 years experience working with brands to position them for growth. His deep expertise is in the creation of high engagement brands that attract the attention of their audience and stand out from their competitors. David has extensive experience working with corporate, retail, food & beverage and entrepreneurial clients. Find out more at…
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