Moët vending machine creates more instant brand moments

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Moët & Chandon continues to flirt with their vending machines to extend the brand’s accessibility but does it cheapen the brand?

The Moët vending machine has been making appearances in London bars and even Selfridges, now it’s popped up in a Vegas Hotel.

You can now enjoy a Moët Moment at the Sky Lobby at Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas. Just as easy as getting a soft drink or late night snack, you can now get petite 200ml bottle of the famous Champagne.

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As brands continue to tap into the instant gratification consumer trend, vending machines are a logical step.

From swimwear to pharmaceuticals, there’s not much that you can’t get from a vending machine these days. So why not Champagne?

Moët & Chandon’s take on the vending machine is reasonably well executed and it’s definitely got strong novelty value. It would be pretty hard to resist just testing it (even though you know how a vending machine works).

Placing in a hotel makes it perfect for those late night impromptu celebrations. After all, not all great moments can be planned!

However, it is still a vending machine and this could put it at odds with the brand’s premium brand image.

Limiting distribution could be the key to protecting the brand. The Moët Moment vending machines tare still only popping up in very limited locations and special events.

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