Short film uses sauce to spread the love for marriage equality

Branded content video marriage equality

‘The Big Deal’ shifts the conversation and ignites the brand message of #EqualLove

A short film for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is quickly becoming a powerful campaign for marriage equality in Australia.

During the weekend, ‘The Big Deal’ video and #EqualLove started to be shared across social media. Affectionately being dubbed the ‘sauce campaign, the video has been quickly picked up by the traditional media.

Within hours, the international media was also talking about the new Aussie sauce campaign for equality.

The video has now be viewed by nearly 3 million people and the response has been largely positive.

While it’s not the first campaign here or globally to try to promote the message of marriage equality it is certainly one that stands out.

Campaign for marriage quality #EqualLove

It’s powerful brand message is simple and relevant. Avoiding most of the usual cliches, The Big Deal is set in a typical Aussie family BBQ. This helps the message cut through beyond the traditional believers. It is also helping to drive its sharability beyond our shores.

The video takes the ‘coming out’ conversation and cuts the heart of the issue, by talking about the type of sauce you prefer. The message of ‘it shouldn’t be a big deal’ is a refreshing way to tackle the issue, rather than a debate of the pros and cons. After all, why should anyone else care about what sauce you prefer?

The Big Deal was written and directed by Armand de Saint-Salvy and produced by Roy De Giorgio & Charity Downing. Check out the video below, if you haven’t already.

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Images taken from ‘The Big Deal’ video.


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