Unyoked leverages the digital disconnect trend for new type of eco-tourism

eco tourism, digital disconnect trend

Creating easy escapism for hipsters, Unyoked is all about easy disconnection in the wilderness.

Unyoked is a simple yet smart brand story, built on some solid brand beliefs and brought to life with beautiful styled eco-cabins set in stunning semi-remote locations.

The Unyoked brand philosophy is all about bringing balance and adventure back to the day-to-day. It’s about getting away, experiences off the grid but without the hassle.

Unyoked promises “minimum footprint, maximum chill” and this is backed up by architecturally eco-designed cabins that are solar powered and sustainable.

The brand stresses “this is not a hotel. Think off the grid experience, not a chocolate on the bed”

Eco tourism

Their formula is wilderness, comfort and convenience. Wilderness means totally secluded, Attenborough-level nature. For comfort think hot shower, toilet, gas stove and queen bed. Convenience is essentially close to the city – well no more than two hours away.

The brainchild of Cameron and Chris Grant, Unyoked founders say that their cabins are built with nature in mind. “Using sustainable materials, the cabins are made to make you feel part of the landscape, to [help you] slow down and appreciate what’s around you and really feel at home in the wilderness.”

To add to the sense of adventure, the actual locations are kept secret. Directions are revealed a few days before check-in date.

Unyoked currently has two sites near Sydney. They are hoping to have one or two site near Melbourne by the end of the year.

Michael Hughes

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