Why physical stores are still so important for retail brands in the digital age


Global Retailer Aldo  – Bricks & Mortar Believers

Global footwear retailer Aldo has seen amazing growth to more than 2,600 stores in 100 countries. Senior Vice President of Aldo Group, Nick Martire co-founded the Aldo Product Services division which generated $1 billion in retail sales and developed a roster of some of the world’s largest retailers and brands. Before that, he ran the Europe operation at Elan Polo. Martire was interviewed recently by Curalate.com where he was asked his view on the role of physical stores in the retail branding mix:

“The brick-and-mortar store remains the foundation channel for us. All of the clues to how your customer shops resides in the store and it’s where you can deliver the best customer experience. A lot of people would challenge me on this, but there are many examples of brands that can’t open stores fast enough because they know how much they can gain in terms of awareness and customer intel from the stores. Brick-and-mortar is complementary to e-commerce if you know how to leverage the benefits of both shopping models to create successful results.”

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Whilst many traditional retailers have struggled to transition from the old world of retail to the new over the last 15 years, the next generation of retail brands sees the online and offline world as entirely integrated. Global retailers like Lululemon and Apple, and our local stars such as kikki.K and Mecca have always taken an integrated approach, and have built powerful and profitable retail businesses as a result.


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