Green Day Tops the Charts with Audience Engagement

Hyde Park July 1st, 2017
Green Day are the headline act to a sold out concert.
Over 65,000 fans wait in anticipation…

Queen’s 1975 hit, Bohemian Rhapsody, starts to play,
and the audience creates the most spine tingling sing-a-long…
an iconic song, over 40 years old, sung in perfect unison.

Was it strategic?
Did the band know how to engage their audience?
Did they know how to build up anticipation and audience participation?

Or was it just a perfect moment in time,
where everyone comes together in perfect harmony, inspired by a classic song?

Either way, the stars were aligned for Green Day, with over 8.5 million views on youtube
and the hundreds of comments illustrating just how much these 6 minutes touched audiences,
both on the day and online.

Wanting to engage with your audience?
Don’t leave it to chance, get strategic and chat with us about how we can help you create
something memorable that aligns with your perfect audience, and builds raving fans!

Catherine Howarth
Director of Brand Projects

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

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