Personality rich brand storytelling. Mirry Christmus from Air NZ.

Air New Zealand’s sweet Christmas ad.

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Just about every brand is trying to leverage Christmas and stay top of mind. The big retailers are all trying to outdo each other with their Christmas TVCs.

It’s also the time of year when many of us are thinking about holidays. While most of the airlines are just spruiking discount and early bird fares, Air New Zealand continues to use their marketing to create powerful brand connections.

Building on the brand’s authentic Kiwi brand personality, Air New Zealand continues to stand out from other airlines.

‘A very merry mistake’ adds some Kiwi flavour to the Santa workshop story.

Once again, Air New Zealand beautifully perpetuates a unique breed of national pride that we can all be part of. Much of it centred on owning and having a laugh at the distinctive Kiwi accent.

Air New Zealand is also leveraging the ad to drive social conversations; “We think it’s the greatest accent of them all.” “One little country causes Santa a whole world of confusion.”

Air NZ has a history of producing branded content that entertains millions and achieves reach and engagement far beyond commercial TV spots.

Their 2017 Christmas ad was released a few days ago and it’s already been viewed and shared by hundred of thousands of people.

Check out ‘A very merry mistake’ and follow the chatter on twitter around #MirryChristmus. It’s sweet as bro!

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