Truly Deeply brands How Now; a truly different kind of milk

Truly Deeply is proud to introduce our brand strategy, identity and packaging work for How Now.

An exciting new dairy brand, How Now not only stands up for cows, it stands out from the herd with a powerful purpose to provide kind milk products for dairy lovers.

How Now is unique in the Australian dairy industry. Its mission is to stop the separation of calfs from the cow at birth. How Now is passionate about keeping mothers & their young together, as they oughta be, and eliminating the killing of Bobby calves.

Rather than scaring people, we created a powerful and positive brand story of kind milk from a better place. The happy cow messaging carefully calls out the problem but also tells a positive story of why How Now is different and so much better for the cows, their calves, our farmers and for us.

To further help the brand stand out we chose the name ‘How now’. Not only does this play on the famous phrase ‘how now brown cow’ it also highlights the brand’s power to question (how) and challenge the establishment but also provide a better way today (now).

Loosely based on the blotch patterns of cows and drops of milk, the How Now brandmark is made from a fluid friendly typemark housed in a soft organic blob. It works on its own and with the completion ‘Happy Cow’ providing a simple lock-up that proposes things have changed for cows.


The simple high contrast colour palette works with the simple label designs to give the bottles strong, recognisable shelf presence while still using a traditional dairy colour palette. The soft blob shape is used as a graphic to create a repeating pattern as the bottles stand together.

The new brand identity brings to life the brand’s belief that all that stands between us and a kinder, luscious, smooth velvety milk, is a new way of thinking.

Despite a highly cluttered and competitive market, How Now is quickly gaining traction. While many brands are in a race to the bottom to fight the $1 milk, How Now is already proving that a truly differentiated purposeful brand is valued by consumers.

How Now is available at select retailers and markets in Victoria. The company is already looking to significantly increase production and expand their product range to meet retailer and consumer demand.

Find out more about How Now, the farm, meet the cows and more.

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