When it’s time to flip life the bird


A perfect example of our brand culture at work:

1. start with an engaging experience – our weekly mindfulness session
2. throw in a bit of our brand personality – colourful: playful, spirited and lively
3. mix in one of our brand values – the 3rd option: a gutsy solution that disrupts the market and shifts paradigms

The result: a meditation with a difference and a mantra we’ve all come to love here at Truly Deeply.

So, for those days when things aren’t quiet going to plan, the stress levels may be climbing and the overwhelm is building… stop, take 10 minutes to listen below and repeat the following, with a smile on your face…

F*ck it, and let that sh*t go

Enjoy!!  🙂


Catherine Howarth
Senior Account Manager

With thanks to Renee Blakeley, our Senior Finished Artist, who introduced us to this little gem.

Photo by Ganapathy Kumar on Unsplash


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