Retail Brand Hack; Rethinking the butcher store with vending machines

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Applestone Meat Co. turns old tech into a new convenience brand proposition.

Applestone Meat Co. is a butcher brand with two outlets in NYC. They are butchers who use their philosophy as a brand differentiator. As they say on their web site:

The meat industry has changed a lot since we came onto the scene over ten years ago. Great options are easier to come by, but it can still be inconvenient — and expensive — to make responsible food choices. That’s why we do everything we can to keep our meat both accessible and affordable. Our stores are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we provide options that accommodate budgets — and appetites — of every kind.

Taking that philosophy a step further the brand has installed a bank of ‘meat vending machines’ into each of their locations, allowing them to offer the 24 hour service. Applestone have recognized the power of convenience in a retail category historically seen as not being as customer centric as others. With plans to scale into nearby Hudson, Scarsdale, and eventually Manhattan, this savvy butcher brand has created a brand philosophy and a functional point of difference that has given them the edge on their competition. In most categories, the difference between being one of the pack and leading the way with growth and profit requires no more than this level of smart brand thinking and execution.

Dave Ansett
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Applestone Meat Co. web site:

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