4 website inspiration galleries – Part 2

So the brand is done, the visual language nutted out and press applications approved. The one thing left to finish is the website, a beast, a force to be reckon with and will take no prisoners. Sometimes you find yourself stuck at where to begin, even though the wireframes are ‘kind of’ approved. Thanks to the ever growing world of digital, the constant change in design trends seems never ending, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead think of the possibilities your new site could achieve, with just a little bit of research and a little bit of planning, thrown in with your creativity and hey presto, off to the pub we go for that celebratory beer.

But before we reach for that beer, first lets get creativity flowing and look at 4 website inspiration galleries we like to refer to when starting a new web design. Be warned, once you start clicking on these it may take you hours to find your way home.


A beautifully easy site to navigate, Awwwards has always been my first go-to for web inspiration. A site designed to connect and inspire design professionals, this ticks all the boxes and also showers those deserving with love and titles such as “Site of the Day” and “Mobile Site of the Week”. This design hub has it all and is at the forefront of innovation and creativity.



Created by two mates who kept emailing inspirational sites to each other but quickly realised they needed a better platform to share stuff, so Httpster was born. A simple and clean site that showcases just really pretty stuff. Check out that side scroll though, even better to use when seen on mobile.


Best Website Gallery

A site which has been around since 2008, Best Website Gallery shows a nice collection of projects and individual screenshots of each project if you can’t be bothered clicking and opening each site. Perfect for those in a rush/lazy. Also check out their filter page below – so much goodness.


UI Movement

UI Movement originally started out as a enewsletter talking about great UI designs. These days it is hub of information purely focussing on everything UI and allowing the community to submit sites themselves. A great site to also search for popular design trends, not to mention the great animations on show.


Stay tuned for more inspiration, these lists are always being updated by our design team. To view other website inspiration recommendations please take a look here.


Renée Blakeley  
Senior Finished Artist

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