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Volvo Brand Walks the Talk on Sustainability.

In branding, doing is more important than saying. How do you build a unique and valued dimension to your brand proposition, one that connects your values with those of your core audience? You walk the talk, demonstrating your beliefs through remarkable brand gestures. It’s not…

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Tiffany Co shows the value of brand – and then take it too far.

The web is ablaze with ‘social commentary’ on Tiffany’s ‘Everyday Object Collection’. At first sight the US$1500 Tiffany 18k gold paperclip is a brilliant example of the power of brand. After-all, anyone can head down to the local stationery store and pick-up a regular gold…

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Rebranding the worlds Iconic brands, Retro style

Re-imagining Iconic Brand Identity Design. As a little tacker with big dreams of becoming a designer, I feasted on the American design trends of the 1950s and 60s. From architecture to car design, fashion to signage and retro ads, I was drawn to the playful…

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Ball and Chain Shoppers – A challenge for retail brands

Finding the hidden opportunities for retail branding. An interesting piece of the puzzle for retailers is managing the reluctant customer. So much focus goes in to setting up the store design and merchandising to cater to the customer whose interest brought them into the store.…

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A Guide to marketing to Gen Z

For as long as I’ve been working in branding, I can’t remember a target audience our clients felt they knew as little about as Gen Z. To be fair, part of this confusion comes from a lack of clarity around the age bracket Gen Z…

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Busting the Millennial Smashed Avocado Myth

New study shows smashed avocados are not to blame for millennials struggling with housing affordability Our friends at the Millennial Report have once again highlighted the importance of not over-generalising this generation. The study highlights how millennials (or Gen Ys) are just as careful with…

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