Lacoste goes brandless to help threatened species

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What stronger way to use globally recognized branding than to make it disappear?

In another example of brands tapping into the growing consumer trend of social and environmental activism, Lacoste has created a bold social brand campaign to raise awareness and funds to help threatened species. The initiative is part of a 3 year strategy called; Lacoste x Save our Species.

Partnering with the Union for Conservation of Nature, Lacoste will replace their iconic crocodile brand mark design on special edition of shirts with one of ten threatened species. The endangered species represented will be the Iberian lynx, the Yemeni mouse-tailed bat, northern hairy-nosed wombat, the mountain chicken, addax, cebu damsefly, opal goodeid, North Atlantic right whale, the Moheli scops owl and shibuya.

The shirts will be sold from Lacoste retail stores across the world including; Japan, China, South Korea, France, England and the United States. In a gesture that builds social education into the campaign, the number of custom polo shirts available at each store matches the number of each of the endangered species left in the wild.

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Pic courtesy Lacoste.

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